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Kamranga (Star Fruit) Chutney

Kamranga (Star Fruit) Chutney
Kamranga (Star Fruit) Chutney
Wash 250 grm raw green Kamranga (Star Fruit). You don’t have to take out the peel

Chop them up in small pieces
Heat Mustard Oil in Kadai/Frying Pan...

Add 1/2 tsp of Mustard seeds and 1 Dry Red Chilli. The mustard seeds will sputter.
As soon as the mustard seeds start sputtering , add the chopped Kamranga (Star Fruit)
Add a pinch of turmeric powder and sauté the Kamranga (Star Fruit).

Saute till the Kamranga (Star Fruit) turn a nice yellow because of the turmeric and soften a little.

Add salt and about 1-2 Cup water. Water should be enough to cook the Kamranga . The chaatni should be thick and so add water moderately

Mix and cover and cook till Kamranga (Star Fruit) are almost done. With the spatula check to see if the Kamranga have softened.

Add about 1 small Cup of sugar and mix well. Bengali chutneys are usually sweeter and so a little more sugar might be added if desired. Add a little more water.

Cook and reduce the water till you get a thick consistency and the Kamranga (Star Fruit) are soft but not mashed up.

Roast about 1 tsp of panch puran/paanch phoron till you get a nice aroma, cool and dry grind it. Sprinkle this powder on the chaatni
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