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Chakhwi - Bamboo Shoot Curry

Chakhwi - Bamboo Shoot Curry
Chakhwi is one of the very traditional and very delicious and healthy preparations of the Tripuri cuisines. The people whoever had tasted once to some of the preparation they could not but tested it for life. Some of the Tripuri dishes have become a regular feature in non-Tripuri family also. One of the most important ingredient of Tripuri cuisine is Berma and Pork , Berma is basically fermented dried puthi fish. The flavor of the Berma is not very pleasant, but when cooked its flavor is mouthwatering and appetizer for Tripuri people. But this recipe is purely VEG. Main ingredients of the veg chakhwi is Bamboo Shoot, Green Papaya and verities of lentil.

Large number of Tripuri cuisine is prepared without oil. In that health point of view it is very good even for those who are restricted to take fatty and oily food. Some of the Tripuri cuisine are listed below: Awandru, Bwtwi, Chakhwi, Chakhwtwi, Chakhwtwi Kwthwng, Thokni Chakhwi, Berma bwtwi, Chatang, Mosodeng, Deng, Gudok,  Bhangui, Muitru, Hontali, Muhr, Mwkhwi, Napek, Peng, Rabra, Ruk, Ser, Sok, Yohk, Yaksapik . But most of the Tripuri household serves genuine Bengali Food too.

Bamboo shoots: 500 gm.
Jack fruit seed :100 gm.
Green papaya:100 gm.

Drumstick Leaf 1 bunch

12 types of lentil – total 200 grm
Backing soda:2 tea spoon full.
Green chili:10 no.

Turmeric powder: 1 tsp.
Fresh Lemon leaves:12 no.
Rice flour: 2 tsp (30-40 gm.)

Ghee – 4 tbsp

Red chili- 1 or two pieces

Black pepper powder as per test

Salt as per test

Peel off the bamboo shoots, cut the tender part of shoots into small piece of 1-2 cm. each. Take the skin of he green papaya, cut into small piece of 3-4 cm. Peel of the skin of the jack fruit seeds, soak it in water for 15 minutes, remove the red covering of the seeds, cut it longitudinally into two half. Soak all the lentil in water for 3-4 hours, Make the ginger to finely chopped, tear of the lemon leaves into two parts. Prepare liquid paste of the rice flour in a small bowl and keep it aside. split the chili remove the seeds.
1. Take 2Ltr of water in a big pan/karaih. Add two spoon of baking soda, bring it to boil for 5 minutes. Remove the foam slowly by serving spoon that is formed.
2. Add salt to taste, one spoon of turmeric continue to boil, add splitted green chili and chopped ginger, allow it to boil for 3 minutes.
3. Add the bamboo shoot , all lentil, jackfruit seeds and salt. Keep the burner medium to high flame. Boil it for another 15 minutes.
4. Pour papaya and fresh drumstick leaf in the pan continue to cook for 20 minutes, cover with lid.
5. Bring down the flame to simmer, add the rice flour paste in the pan, slowly stir the curry simultaneously. Cover with lid, keep it for 5 minutes.
6. Add the torn fresh lemon leaves and black pepper powder. Mix it properly in the curry, cover with lid, keep for 2-3 minutes.
7. Remove from the fire, transfer to a serving bowl and 4 tbsp Ghee, serve warm with rice.

Note: If you want to make Non-veg CHAKHWI than add pork medium pieces instead of papaya.

Recipe By : Manna Majumder
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