Thursday, 18 September 2014

Mocha-r Tari / Paturi ((Banana Flower))

Mocha-r Tari / Paturi

1Large Mocha (Banana Flower)
½-cup grated coconut
1 ½ -tablespoon white mustard ...
1 ½ -tablespoon Poppy seeds
1-teaspoon turmeric
1-green chili
2-tablespoon mastered oil
1-big banana leaf / 4 pieces of purplish-red outer bracts (leaves) of banana blossoms / flowers (much darker and tougher compared to the tender inner leaves) or aluminum foil (I used outer leaves of banana blossoms / flowers)
Salt to taste

1. Peel each layer of the flower and bring out the stem (which almost looks like small banana actually). Then you will have to take each stem and remove the central pith. Throw the central pith ( it is hard and you will not be able to cook it)
2. Cut the stems in to small pieces almost like mince
3. Add salt and turmeric and boil for while or until soft and cooked
4. Drained the boiled water and keep aside the minced mocha
5. Grind the coconut, poppy seeds, white mustard seed, green chili and make a paste
6. Add little salt immediately otherwise the paste might turn bitter
7. Combine the above paste, salt if you need more, turmeric, mustered oil, boiled mocha together very well using your hands to mix them really well
8. In case you are using outer leaves / banana leaf Wash the banana leaf and dry with a kitchen towel. Lightly roast the leaf so that it becomes soft and manageable. Hold over a low flame and remove.
9. Put the mocha mix in the flamed outer leaves / banana leaf and wrap it well
10. Then grill it on a tawa for 10/15 mins, keep turning until both side color change of the banana leaf
11. If you are using aluminum foil, just wrap the mocha mix in foil, put them on a hot tawa and grill it like you will do for banana leaf. The taste does not differ much but the smell of the banana leaf will be missing
12. It should not take more than 25/30 mins
13. Sprinkle little mustard oil and over the mocha r Tari / Paturi before serving with hot rice

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