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Lal Shak / Laal Saag

Lal Shaak / Laal Saag
Lal shak / saag also called Red Spinach / Amaranth leaves / Chinese spinach. They are very rich in vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium & iron. It is low in calories by volume, but high in protein per calorie. 374 mg calcium per 100 grm. It can be eaten as stir fry or in the soup. They are really very delicious.

Traditionally, a Bengali full meal usually a lunch has to have a shak or leafy vegetable on the side, Lal shak bhaja or stir fried Red Spinach (Amaranths) is a simple recipe that is a favorite at home and served with Steamed Rice and Daal . Made very simply, it is just the garlic that gives a flavor that goes so well with the distinct flavor of these leaves.


Lal Shak / Red Spinach / Amaranth leaves - 1 bunch
Cooking oil - 1 tbsp ( I use Mustard oil )
Whole dry red chillies - 2

Garlic cloves - 5, crushed
Green Chili- 2 pieces
3 pieces of hyacinth bean or small pieces eggplant(optional)
Salt - to taste

Ifyou don't like garlic, you can try this with a tempering of kalaunji / nigella seeds and dry red chilies or fresh green chilies.

Lal Shaak / Laal Saag- Bengali Recipe
Cleaned and chopped finely the lal shak / saag  and make small cubes of  hyacinth bean  or eggplant.
Heat oil in a wok  / kadahi. Add the whole red chilies (break them first or they might burst ) and  half of the crushed garlic.  Now fry hyacinth bean little and then add the chopped leaves and rest of the crushed garlic.
Stir well. Add salt and green chili, cover and cook. Remember to stir once in a while so that it does not burn. When it is done and all water had dried up, remove cover and give a final stir.
Serve hot. Goes best on the side with hot rice and dal.

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