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Kachu-r Saag / Ghonto

Kachu-r Saag / Ghonto

Kachu-r Saag is an absolutely delightful dish, belongs to bengali cuisine. The method of cooking this dish differs slightly from home to home. Every home has their own touch on it. But the main ingredients are always the same. Colocasia or Taro which is also locally known as kachu in Bengal grows abundantly in the rural areas of India.It is cheap and easily available in the market in many parts of South east Asia and tastes great if cooked properly with the right ingredients. Be careful while chopping and washing the Taro(Kachu) stems as sometimes they might cause slight irritation or itching to your hands,as a precaution you can either use gloves or rub oil to your hands before handling the Colocasia/Taro(Kachu) stems.

 Colocasia/Taro(Kachu) stems are a very good source of Vitamin K, Vitamin C, Vitamin B-2 and Vitamin B-6.They are also a good source of dietary fiber, calcium, Magnesium and Iron.  I hope that you will like this recipe.

2 to 3 bunch of edible Colocasia/Taro(Kachu) stems.

Tamarind paste

2 table spoon grated coconut.

1 bay leaf.

1 tea spoon fennel seeds

1 tea spoon ginger paste

100 grm pumpkin (Kumro)

1/2 cup roasted pea nuts. (you can use boiled whole chana / Black chickpeas)

1 tea spoon ghee.

1/2 tea spoon garam masala.

Salt as per taste

1/2 tea spoon sugar.

1/4 tea spoon haldi or turmeric powder.

1/4 tea spoon red chili powder.

1/4 tea spoon Jeera or cumin powder


Wash the young and edible Colocasia/Taro(Kochu) stems properly and cut them in thumb size pieces. Boil slightly salted water in a pot and add the colocasia/Taro stems(Kochu) in the water. Add one tea spoon tamarind paste (optional) to avoid irritation.  Boil them for 4 to 5 minutes. Drain all the water and mash the boiled stems.

Cut pumpkin in small cube like pieces.

Heat oil in a pan or kadhai and fry the pumpkin cubes and keep aside. Now in the same oil add the bay leaf, red dry chili and fennel seeds and sauté for 30 seconds. Now add the grated coconut and saute for 2-3 minutes and now add the boiled colocasia(Kochu) stems into the pan and stir for for couple of minutes. Also add the turmeric powder, red chili powder, ginger paste and cumin powder, salt and sugar and mix well. Water will start oozing out from the mixture, cook it in medium heat till almost all the water evaporates. Now add fired pumpkin pieces and roasted pea nuts and mix well. Cook for another 1 or 2 minutes, add ghee and garam masala, mix and remove from heat.
Serve hot with rice.

Kochu sag is also cooked with the head of the hilsa. In this instance, the whole chana, coconut and milk are not included in the ingredients

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