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Dheki-r Saag

Dheki-r Saag
Dheki saag looks quite like fern and come in bundles in eastern part of India.
You will need two bundles. Remove the stems and discard. Break off the soft top portion of the stem and the leaves and chop them. Wash the saag very well and drain off water.


Dheki Saag  2 bundles

Green Chilly,slit 2-3

Methi Seeds

Dry red chili- 12 pieces.

Roasted hyacinth bean dry seeds (sheem-r shukno bichi)

Potato 1 mediam

Brinjal 1small

Refined Oil 4 tbsp

Turmeric Powder 1/2 tsp

Salt as per taste

Wash under running water. Drain off the water and Chop the saag. Make small cubes of 1 large Potato or 1 medium Brinjal.

Roast the hyacinth bean dry seeds (sheem-r bichi) then boil with salt until become soft , now peel the skin and keep aside.
Now heat 2 tbsp refined oil in a wok and fry the brinjal pieces and remove . Do the same with the potatoes till golden.
Now again heat 2 tbsp refined oil and add methi seeds and dry red chili. Now add the saag and stir it for some time. Add the turmeric powder and salt. Mix all well. Then add the roast the hyacinth bean dry seeds (sheem-r bichi), fried brinjal and green chili and cover. Let the saag cook in its own juices.
Remove cover and cook stir frying till the saag mixes well with the soft brinjal cubes and dry been seeds. Serve with plain rice.
Author : Manna Majumder

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