Monday, 16 June 2014

Bhangui - Traditional food of Tripura


White flavored sticky rice (Binni rice/ Govindobhog Rice) – 1 KG

Ghee or edible oil- 250 grm

Onion- 2 pieces (Big)

Ginger- 2-3 inch

Bhangui / Banana leaf- 5

Cooking procedure:

 Wash sticky rice thoroughly and dry them in sun. Once dried mix ghee/edible oil with julienne cut onion , ginger and salt. Make a cone shape with Bhangui / Banana leaf  (Bhangui leaf) and pour the rice without leaving any space .

Noe tie the leaf tightly and dip all the  cone tied preparation in water and boil them for an hour and turn off the owven.

Serve with some fish fry , egg fry or any fired item. It’s very testy.


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