Friday, 12 June 2015

Plastic Chutney (Green Papaya Chutney)

Plastic Chutney (Green Papaya Chutney)
Plastic Chutney (Green Papaya Chutney) - A unique Bengali Relish
1 medium-sized papaya
2 Cup sugar
2 tsp. lime juice OR Raw tamarind – 50 grams.
A pinch salt...
2 tsp. Raisins
2 tsp refined oil
10-15 mustard seeds


 Peel the green papaya very neatly. Cut into halves, remove seeds and hard skin from the center. wash and cut into very thin slices with a sharp knife or peeler

Heat oil in a pan add mustard seeds, as soon as they splutter add papaya and, saute 1-2 mins.

Then add salt, water and let it cook. Add water depending on how thick you want your chutney to be.

When the papaya has become soft add the sugar.Let it cook and the chutney thicken to your desired consistency. Now finally add raisin and lime juice and your dish is ready to serve.

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