Sunday, 7 December 2014


PORK VARTA -Ethnic Food of Tripura-India

Pork piece( bite size) 500 gram...
Onion- Finely cut(longitudinally) 200 gram
Ginger- 50 gram finely chopped
Green Chili- as to taste roasted direct on fire
Red chili- 4/5 piece roasted direct in fire
Salt- as to taste


  Wash the pork in semi hot water and then boil in salt water at min 100 deg temp until water dries
Mix half amount of chopped onion with ginger, Green and red chili very well by messing. Add boiled piece of pork. mix well. add salt to taste if needed. May Add chopped coriander leaves also. Keep aside in a covered bowl for 1 hour.
During serving add the balence onions and enjoy the most delicious food.

Caution:- Must boil the meat min at 100 deg C very well

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